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Ojibwe Delegation  "1880"

Studio portrait of Anishinaabe Delegation posed in front of a backdrop. Sitting, left to right: Edawigijig; Kis-ki-ta-wag; Wadwaiasoug (on floor); Akewainzee (center); Oshawashkogijig; Nijogijig; Oshoga. Back row (order unknown); Wasigwanabi; Ogimagijig; and four unidentified men (possibly Frank Briggs, top center, and Benjamin Green Armstrong, top right). The men wear European-style suit jackets and pants; one man wears a peace medal, some wear beaded sashes or bags or hold pipes and other props.

Courtesy of National Museum of the American Indian

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Time Period:





15 x 18 in.


American Indians, Anishinaabe (Chippewa/Ojibwa), Central Subarctic, Eastern Subarctic, Great Lakes, Native Americans, Non-Indian, North America, Northern Plains, Plains, Subarctic, Woodlands


Washington, DC


District of Columbia



Collection History:

Charles M. Bell began his career as a professional photographer in his family's studio in 1860. By 1873, he had opened his own studio in Washington, DC, and, until 1909, spent much of his time photographing members of Native delegations visiting the U.S. Capitol and similar work for the Department of the Interior and the Smithsonian Institution's Bureau of American Ethnology. No other collection history available.

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