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Outside of deck house on S.S. Geo. W. Elder. (child is Roland Harriman). Alaska. 1899 703  "July 1899"

E. Roland Harriman, son of Edward Henry Harriman, posed on top of the deck house of the steamship S. S. George W. Elder

Courtesy of National Museum of the American Indian

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3.25 x 4 in.


American Indians, Native Americans, Non-Indian

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Coast of Alaska





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Edward Sheriff Curtis opened his first photo studio in 1892 in Seattle, Washington, and began photographing Native subjects. In 1899, he was appointed official photographer of the Harriman Expedition to Alaska and served on other expeditions as well. In 1906, American financier J. P. Morgan (1837-1913) commissioned Curtis to create a multi-volume documentary work on American Indians with 1500 photographs. The final volumes were published in 1930, by which time Curtis had taken 40,000 photographs documenting 80 tribes. This print formerly in the collection of Mary Harriman Rumsey (1881-1934), daughter of E.H. Harriman, who sponsored the 1899 Harriman expedition to Alaska and employed Edward S. Curtis as one of the expedition's official photographers; probably bequeathed to MAI by Mrs. Rumsey in 1934.

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