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Miwok (?) hand game T5915 (Hudson) (Calif.). 1731  "circa 1900"

Three Miwok (or possibly Mono) Indians, one man and two women seated on a large rug on the ground by a basket, possibly playing a game. They are posed in front of porched plank structure; the man wears a bandana head scarf; one woman wears a beaded (?) collar. Two younger women look on, and wear multiple necklaces, a shell collar(?), and a beaded belt(?). Plank fence and trees in background

Courtesy of National Museum of the American Indian

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Time Period:





3.25 x 4 in.


American Indians, California, Central California, Eastern Mono, Great Basin, Kutzadika'a (Mono Paiute), Mewuk (Miwok), Native Americans, North America, Paiute, Western Mono (Monache)





Collection History:

John W. Hudson, a physician married to California artist and collector Grace Hudson, worked in California as an ethnologist, field collector, and photographer and sold collections or worked under contract for a number of major museums. Charles H. Carpenter was the staff photographer at the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago from 1899 to 1947 and accompanied Field Museum staff on a number of expeditions. This print may have been owned by anthropologist William Duncan Strong (1899-1962), who may have known Hudson and Carpenter their mutual association with the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago, Illinois. No further collection history information available.

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