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Group in front of houses  "1910"

Group of Seminole men and women, in traditional clothing, posing by a fire in front of chickee structures. Man standing fourth from the left is possibly anthropologist A. B. Skinner. This hand colored lantern slide is the mirror image of the original negative. Painted colors may not accurately depict the garments and/or scene.

Courtesy of National Museum of the American Indian

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3.25 x 4 in.


American Indians, Florida, Native Americans, Non-Indian, North America, Seminole, Southeast





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In 1910, anthropologist Alanson B. Skinner was sent by the American Museum of Natural History in New York to conduct ethnographic field research on the Seminole people of the Florida Everglades. Both Skinner and professional photographer Julian A. Dimock photographed this expedition. In 1916, Skinner joined the staff of the Museum of the American Indian and probably used this and other lantern slides for public lectures. He may have donated the images to MAI or they may have been found among his things following his sudden death in 1925.

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