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WASHAKIE SHOSHONI 4  "circa 1870"

Chief Washakie or Shoots-on-the-Run or The Rattle seated in front of a hide tipi, wearing cloth pants and a shirt or jacket, neck scarf with large metal medallion, plain hide moccasins, blanket around his waist, holding a hat. A child, shading his or her eyes from the sun, leans against the side of the tipi. Other tipis in the background, with sparsely wooded low hills in the distance

Courtesy of National Museum of the American Indian

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Time Period:





6.5 x 8.5 in.


American Indians, Great Basin, Lemhi Shoshone, Native Americans, North America, Northern Shoshone, Plateau, Plateau (no sub-culture area), Salish (Flathead), Shoshone

Site Name:

South Pass, Wind River Mountains


Fremont County





Collection History:

William Henry Jackson was a photographer for Dr. Ferdinand Vandiveer Hayden's United States Geographical and Geological Surveys in the 1870s. In addition to these survey photographs, Jackson was also active in photographing Indian delegations travelling to Washington, DC. He was hired by the Bureau of American Ethnology to catalog the thousands of photographs in their collection, and in the process inadvertently received credit as the photographer for many images he did not actually create. No other collection history information available.

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