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Throwing stick/Boomerang  (Hunting/Fishing/Warfare)  "500 BC-AD 500"

Courtesy of National Museum of the American Indian

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Time Period:


Wood, cordage, yucca fiber, tree pitch/gum


Carved, incised, drilled, wrapped, coated


62 x 15 x 3 cm


American Indians, Native Americans, North America, Pueblo, Pueblo (Anasazi) (archaeological), Pueblo (Anasazi): Basketmaker Tradition (archaeological culture), Southwest

Site Name:

Great Natural Bridge, Grand Gulch


San Juan County





Collection History:

Collected or excavated in 1893-1894 by members of the Hyde Exploring Expedition (1896-1899), led by Richard Wetherill (1858-1910) and funded by New York City businessman and explorer Benjamin Talbot Babbitt Hyde (1872-1933) and his brother Frederick E. Hyde, Jr. (1874-1944) or in 1896-1897 by members of the Whitmore-Bowles Grand Gulch Expedition, led by Richard Wetherill (1858-1910) and funded by George Bowles and Charles E. Whitmore, Jr. (1870-ca. 1940); sold to Benjamin and Frederick Hyde in 1897; housed with Hyde expedition materials at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City until 1909 when it and other materials were removed by George Pepper, apparently at the behest of Benjamin Hyde; purchased by MAI from Benjamin Hyde in 1916 using funds donated by Thea (Mrs. George) Heye.

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